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Our baby, Atom, was born with a right clubfoot (rcf) in Manila, Philippines on July 30, 2010. At first we were devastated as everyone hopes for a perfect baby. We soon learnt that, with a bit of patience and the correct doctor, clubfoot is usually correctable so that the child can lead a perfectly normal life. It was reassuring to discover that some celebrities and sports persons including footballer Steven Gerrard, figure ice-skater Kristi Yamaguchi and baseball pitcher Larry Sherry were born with clubfeet, to mention but a few. As parents, we are learning about the problem and how to best correct it in our baby. In the meantime we are enjoying our beautiful and perfect baby boy! We wanted to share with you our experiences and what we have learnt in the hope that it will benefit other families.






What is clubfoot?


Definition of clubfoot from Wikipedia: A clubfoot, or congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), is a congenital deformity involving one foot or both. The affected foot appears rotated internally at the ankle. TEV is classified into 2 groups: Postural TEV or Structural TEV. Without treatment, persons afflicted often appear to walk on their ankles, or on the sides of their feet. It is a common birth defect, occurring in about one in every 1,000 live births. Approximately 50% of cases of clubfoot are bilateral. In most cases it is an isolated dysmelia. This occurs in males more often than in females by a ratio of 2:1.





Clubfoot may occur due to a common mutation or simply due to positioning in the womb. It is more common in families with a history, but like us, it may come out of the blue. At first we wondered if it was something we had done wrong, but it isn't. There is a lot we can do right for our baby though by acting promptly, researching online, seeking the best medical advice early on, not accepting the first opinion/option and finding the right doctor. I think it is true that the mother always knows what is best for the child, so be informed!